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Ima have fun with this one B)

A somewhat late update but here it is! Featuring a little cameo appearance!

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This turned out more red than I had imagined. I wish I spent this time finishing Parisa but this was good for me. I feel a bit better that I got this out of my system.

Father Aberdeen of The Church of Saint John the Much-Suffering.

Sorry, there’s no parisa update today. I spent most of my day in class and by the time I got home from my 60 mile commute, I didn’t feel like focusing on anything in particular.

I worked on this instead to clear my head. The inks and flats are all done I just have to add the effects and color in some backgrounds, then add text and bubbles. Parisa will update on sunday night!

I decided to pick up something I doodled a few nights back and try my hand at inking. I wanted to make something reminiscent of one of those saint portraits. I couldn’t find a saint for Julian specifically so I just winged it with some ideas.

The immaculate heart of the virgin mary references his nature but also the obsession Andres’ character, Alec, has for Julian. He looks like her old lover and is conflicted between falling in love with Julian or just literally stealing his heart for spare parts to rebuild her old boyfriend.

The rose is represents his garden. No one had tended to the garden at the church while it was just Clark and Eberhardt since they had better things to do. Julian worked and brought it back to life in his spare time. He’s very protective of it.

Doodles from last night. I think I’ll pull up some references and finish the one with Julian.

some sorta cryptid

trying to come up with a sad ghost

remembered how much I love this stupid baby

A NEW PAGE! NOW WITH PANEL GUTTERS! I want to try more dynamic panels in the future and I think it’ll be easier to do that when I free up the panels a bit. Using a single black line is fine but it kind of constricts it.

A shout out to all the cool peeps who came to watch me stream this page!

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I’m streaming the latest page of parisa! Nothing motivates like being monitored by strangers new friends.


An earlier commission I made a while ago for Tony of her character, Toranosuke from her comic, GODSPEED MEW!

Read it, it’s great!

Julian in plush form!

A commission for Overlordchris! This is the first time i’ve ever been commissioned to make one of my own characters! <3

I had a lot of fun with this one and he came out really cute!


(I stopped by 24 hour comic day and did this one page.)

I did a thing today, took about an hour.

wip Julian plush with silphy in the back. I’m about to add the hair and sew on the rest of the details. I’m so excited to finish this one

heh his sweater is a little big for him but then again that makes it on model