A comparison of new and old. Granted there was a point in time that I didn’t draw these guys for what 2-3 years but I really like how they turned out now. They’re sturdy and I can articulate them well enough so they don’t look so awkward like they do on the top picture. It is so hard to tell that Nolan is walking forward.

They were far too noodley and their hands and feet were much too large. Even after redoing their designs I still had that problem with huge hands and feet.

which didn’t allow me to articulate their poses very well. I think before that I ended up making them too tall. But for now I’m happy with what I have because it’s so easy to just blast out pose after pose because I simplified their shapes. Plus I’m going to focus on richer colors. I used to desaturate EVERYTHING.

As for expressions, I wanted to simplify those too. I focus a lot on the mouth. Eyes are pretty important for expression but the mouth has always been a favorite of mine.

I like to render it to a 2 dimensional shape among the more 3 dimensional figures such as the head which I almost always base off a just a sphere.

idk this is a pointless post, just happy with my progress so far. If I keep working it’ll get even better. What I should work on the most atm is backgrounds.